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Agama AWE SDK : Requirements & Configuration


This blog article will be the first in a series of three, covering the capabilities of the Agama's AWE SDK and how it can be used to extend the Agama solution with observability and insights into all parts of the platform components and infrastructure.

AbstractCreating, managing, and delivering video services are complex and challenging tasks, with an ever-increasing pace of innovation. The technology and innovation speed and preferences of operators make most TV and media delivery solutions unique. The TV services are of high importance for the end-users and are sensitive to problems and degradations, so the operators want to have observability into the e2e delivery process, from creation to consumption.

Agama provides a video delivery observability and analytics solution focused on understanding the e2e delivered quality, performance, and usage by tracking the video services' parameters. Having this kind of capabilities is key for operators but not enough, as there will be other parts of the operators' unique solutions that are not covered by observability, but are still vital for the delivery of the services.

With the Agama AWE SDK we empower the operators to extend their Agama solution with observability and insights into all parts of their unique platform components and infrastructure. The AWE SDK enables the creation of Agama Enterprise dashboard applications that seamlessly integrate into the Agama environment, allowing the operators to mashup and observe all relevant aspects in a single pane of glass. It also provides a complete development environment that makes it easy to develop, maintain and deploy new functionality without having to touch anything else. Installation is just a drag & drop away.

IntroductionOne thing that all modern infrastructure components and solutions provide is REST APIs (Application Programming Interface) that allow both configuration and control, and in some cases also monitoring and supervision. The APIs are a perfect fit for the kind of application support that the Agama SDK provides.

As an example, to highlight the capabilities of the Agama SDK and development environment, we are going to create an Agama dashboard application that can be used as a generic status presentation of any backend system, offering suitable REST APIs that can provide a system health response. This real example will be created from scratch and include both application and presentation logic, as well as per application configuration support.

The Agama dashboard application SDKAn Agama AWE dashboard application is a software package file that can be deployed onto an Agama Enterprise system by drag & drop or by using the Enterprise system CLI. It is a compressed file system using the TAR format and needs to include a manifest YAML file for application properties definitions, an index.html file and a JS function hook serving as the entry point for the application logic. With these criteria in place, the developer can create any type of application using CSS, HTML and JavaScript files.

The easiest way to get started is to use the ADE (AWE Development Environment) which is an application available for Linux, OSX and Windows 10/11. This application makes the development process and building application bundles straightforward and easy.

The ADE is compatible with any browser so one can use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge, depending on preference and operating system. It supports an instant update development model that will reflect the code and data changes immediately, which ensures a fast and iterative development process. It supports CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing), which will allow the developer, during initial development and proof of concept, to use external REST APIs that do not yet have a CORS proxy in front, or CORS allowed increasing the development speed.

The ADE application has also several example applications built-in, which can be used at any time to make it even easier to get started.

Application requirementsThe goal of this article is to create an application that, besides being a good practical example, can also provide real use for our Agama customers. We concluded that in order to achieve a minimum viable product for this application we should fulfill the following requirements:

Show relevant backend system status with a clear indicator using REST requests, mapping the HTTP codes to ok/fail with the possibility to specify:

Name for the test, the time between the tests

Timeout time

Active or not


HTTP codes for status mapping

With the requirements set we are now ready to start the development.

Project creationLet's start by creating a new application project. We do that by starting the ADE application and when the application is up and running, we select the menu option Create Widget project .

When creating a new project, you will be requested to point the ADE application to an empty directory of your choice. We chose to name the project backend-status . The file system will be automatically populated with a base file structure and necessary files to make it easy to just start coding.

This is the directory and file structure that was automatically created. The file manifest.json contains the application metadata that needs to be filled in in order to have it correctly and uniquely managed by Agama Enterprise. In the CSS/ directory, we find style.css, which we will use later to control the presentation of our application functionality. And in the js/ directory, we find the app.js file, which has the entry point and boilerplate code for initialization of the app in a correct way. We will use this file for the application logic implementation a bit later on. When the project has been created one can just press the button Open in browser , which will automatically open the default system browser and start the applica
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