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How To Use Your GoPro As A Swimming Camera


You might think swimming with a camera is complicated, but GoPro loves thinking outside the box and making things simple!

Whether youre a long-distance swimmer or looking to capture some memories on the lake, GoPro offers some of the best underwater cameras with high-quality video footage and incredible waterproof capabilities straight out of the box. But hey, dont just take our word for it-check out the guide below and decide for yourself!

Benefits of using GoPro as a swimming camera

One of the main benefits of using GoPro as a swimming camera is that all GoPro action cameras are waterproof right out of the box-no additional housing required. This makes going from unboxing to underwater super simple, giving you more time to focus on the moment rather than worrying about gear.

Its small form factor is another cool feature that makes GoPro the best for swimming. These are not bulky, cumbersome cameras that require two hands-GoPro is made to be effortless and quick for you to capture the moments that matter! Swimmers can also enjoy shooting in crystal-clear 5.3K video up to 60 fps and 4K video up to 120 fps.

PRO TIP: Recording video at 120 fps allows your to replay your video in up to 4x slo-mo. This is our favorite way to turn a regular pool day into a cinematic masterpiece.

With a wider field of view, youll be able to record your time in the water from all angles. And if the weather gets a little rough, GoPros HyperSmooth video stabilization will keep your shot steady under choppy water conditions. You can even shoot a stabilized time lapse video when you use TimeWarp out on the water! Theres no shortage of possibilities for using GoPro as an underwater camera. However, there are different models designed to ensure that youre getting the best experience!

Choosing the right GoPro camera for swimming

Keep in mind that all GoPro action cameras are waterproof and can be used for swimming-theres no wrong choice! But each GoPro model does offer a unique experience that may appeal to you based on what you want to shoot in the water.

GoPro HERO11 Black Mini

HERO11 Black Mini (Small Action Camera) may be the best underwater camera for all your swimming adventures!

Mini is a great choice for swimmers due to its tiny form factor and lightweight design. This means you can slip it into a bathing suit pocket or tuck it into a beach bag and youll practically forget it was there! Until you need to capture the perfect swim-tastic moment, then its Minis time to shine!

Its waterproof down to 33ft (it can extend to 196ft with the HERO11 Black Mini Dive Housing), and its tough outer shell keeps the camera safe against any extreme force from water impacts. Anyone can dive into the water knowing itll stay safe and will never miss a moment! Swimmers can also take advantage of a larger 8:7 image sensor to enjoy an immersive, extra-large field of view, cinematic 5.3K60 2.7K240 video and HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization with Horizon Lock built-in-perfect for summer nights at the lake!

Mini also works with various mounts, such as the Bite Mouth Camera Mount, Chesty (Action Camera Body Mount) and the Hand Wrist Camera Strap.

GoPro HERO11 Black

With a classic form factor and top-of-the-line features, the flagship HERO11 Black action camera is an excellent companion for swimmers of all types.

Whether in the pool or taking a morning dip in the ocean, HERO11 features 10-bit color recording capabilities with the option to shoot 27-megapixel high-resolution photos. Its important to remember that HERO11 and Mini both share the same improved image sensor, which means you can transform your videos from an 8:7 aspect ratio into a wider 16:9 or a traditional 4:3. HERO11 Black has a front and rear LCD screen, which makes it easier for you to record yourself in the water and review what youre shooting.

HERO11 Black works with GoPros full lineup of action camera mounts, including The Handler (Floating Hand Camera Grip) and Head Camera Strap 2.0-a fun way to wear GoPro to capture a first-person POV.


To capture a truly unique perspective of yourself in the water, the one-of-a-kind MAX (360 Camera) features a creative video experience by using three cameras in one.

MAX records with a versatile 360 camera, which captures incredible spherical footage of your swimming in 6K. But its important to also know that you can use MAX to shoot HERO-style videos and photos-you dont have to sacrifice anything for the additional features. With MAX, you can start your vlog while in the water, then shoot more cinematic footage to piece together a montage of your workout routine or summer vacation. Its waterproof down to 16ft, and MAXs 360 capabilities also make it possible for you to shoot extra wide panoramic photos along with 360 time lapse.

PRO TIP: We recommend using MAX to set the swimming scene and get epic 360 content. When you want to dive deep, grab a HERO11 camera as these capture underwater photos and videos with more lifelike clarity. Learn more about using GoPro underwater here.

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Can you use GoPro as a swimming camera?

Yes, you can use GoPro as a swimming camera. GoPro HERO11 Black & Mini action cameras are waterproof down to 33ft (up to 196ft with additional dive housing). GoPro MAX 360 Camera is waterproof down to 16ft. All models are suitable for use while swimming in water.

Which is the best GoPro camera for swimming?

The best GoPro for swimming is the HERO11 Black Mini (Small Action Camera) due to its lightweight form factor and ease of use in the water.

Best places to mount a GoPro camera while swimming?

The best places to mount a GoPro camera while swimming include:

On your head, using the Head Strap 2.0 (Action Camera Head Mount)

On your wrist, using the Hand Wrist Camera Strap

On your chest, using Chesty (Ac
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