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Why GoPro Makes the Best Camera for Hiking in 2022: An Ultimate Guide


The whole point of hiking is to enjoy the outdoors. That means unplugging from the noise of your smartphone, it means living in the present moment, and most of all, it gives you a chance to create lasting memories with people you love.

Thats why GoPro offers small, lightweight, and easy-to-use cameras to capture all the excitement of your time off the grid. In this post, youll learn about the best cameras for hiking, what hiking camera gear you should use, and what camera settings will give you the best results while youre on the move.

The best cameras for hiking in 2022

HERO10 Black

Turn that smartphone off and commemorate your trip with the new and compact HERO10 Black from GoPro.

Not only is this the best lightweight camera for the outdoors at just 5.6oz, but it also features a ton of video capabilities that outperform some of the most expensive cameras on the market. For instance, no other hiking camera out there gives you 23-megapixel photos and 5.3K video recording at 60 fps, along with 4K video recording at 120 fps for some silky slow-motion. Plus, as you climb and jump over different terrains, the cameras HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization always keeps your shot steady and focused.

You can submerge the camera into water up to 33ft (without a waterproof case), and once the sun starts to go down, youll enjoy better low-light filming to capture that magical golden hour as you summit your trailhead. And when youre finished, you can use GoPros Quik app to edit your footage and post it online for others to enjoy.

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If youre looking for more creative freedom with a hiking camera, then the GoPro MAX will bump your filmmaking game to the next level.

MAX is a rugged 360 camera that shoots incredible 6K footage. It features Max HyperSmooth to help stabilize even the most insane, complex shots, and its waterproof down to 16ft-you can dive into a waterfall without skipping a beat. MAX is actually a combination of three cameras in one, paired with stereo audio from six built-in mics. So, if a particular moment has to go live on the spot, shooters can live stream footage instantly in 1080p. Its easily the best action camera for hiking, giving you flexibility and reliability at any moment.

GoPros Best Camera Accessories for Hiking

GoPro offers a wide range of camera accessories for hiking that allow you to put more attention on the journey ahead.

No one wants to worry about holding something in their hands non-stop, especially while trying to navigate rocks, cliffs, forests or any other wildlife you may come across. Instead, you need reliable ways to carry your camera while hiking, all while getting a beautiful, steady shot.

Here are a few of our favorite camera accessories for hiking that never disappoint:

3-Way 2.0

Not just a solid tripod, 3-Way 2.0 is also an extension arm for selfies, a hand-grip for tight action shots on the go and it features a built-in ball tripod so you can step away and get the perfect hands-free selfie.

Daytripper Backpack

Every hiker needs a small camera backpack to carry their gear, and Daytripper is a versatile, weather-resistant option for any adventure. It features an easy-to-access protective camera and accessory top storage compartment, a soft-lined sleeve for a 15in laptop and it can be outfitted with a 2L hydration bladder.

Fetch Dog Harness

Another option is to turn your hiking companion into a cameraman! Fetch offers a range of camera mounts for you to easily strap your GoPro on to capture different perspectives of your furry friend. The harness itself is soft-padded and can be adjusted to dogs ranging between 20 to 120 lbs.

Head Strap + QuickClip

Keep your hands free and the camera rolling with the Head Strap + QuickClip combo from GoPro. Whether you strap this to a helmet or your head, its fully adjustable and the QuickClip can also mount to traditional baseball caps, waistbands and belts.

HERO10 & HERO9 Enduro Rechargeable Battery

The worst thing that can happen is reaching an epic moment on your trip and not having the battery life to record it. Luckily, Enduro offers more recording time for both cameras-up to 40%-in moderate temperatures. It also boasts better performance in colder temperatures.

Get a GoPro Subscription to stay protected

For only $49.99 a year, a GoPro Subscription gets you discounts on new cameras, unlimited cloud backups + auto uploads, up to 50% off on select products at, as well as new camera replacements if something goes wrong! Our team knows that accidents happen, but as a subscriber, youll never be left up creek without a paddle.

Best GoPro super-user settings for hiking

Now that you have your gear and accessories all figured out, the only thing you need is to dial in your camera settings to ensure a perfect shot at all times. While you can use GoPro straight out of the box and get world-class image quality, we also like to offer a glimpse into how more professional users are setting their cameras up.

To start, tap and hold the video settings pill to launch the settings menu. According to GoPros own Abe Kislevitz, a longtime employee and avid filmmaker, here is a quick breakdown of his go-to settings when hes out shooting pro-quality video:

Bit Rate: High

Shutter: Auto

EV Comp: -0.5

White Balance: Auto

ISO Min: 100

ISO Max: 1600

Sharpness: Low

Color: Natural

Wind: Auto

Of course, you have the freedom to customize your settings however you want, and your environment will also dictate how you record, but for the hiker who wants a reliable shot, you cant go wrong with these settings. For a more in-depth look at camera settings and features, Abe offers a great tutorial that you can follow along with!

Happy hiking with GoPro

Your new discoveries are waiting, and no matter what you come across, you can trus
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