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Championing International Identity Day's Core Pillars





Every year, as the calendar turns to 16th of September, we commemorate International Identity Day.

This significant day, often referred to simply as ID Day, underscores the importance of a legal and recognised identity for all.

Beyond just the notion of identity, this day champions three fundamental pillars: Inclusion, Protection, and Utility.

The essence of Identity Day is tied to the UNs Sustainable Development Goal Target 16.9, which aims to by 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration.

But why are these pillars crucial, and how do they resonate in our daily lives?

Lets delve deep into the purpose of this day, understand the significance of each pillar, and explore Thales commitment to fostering the ideals they embody.

#1. INCLUSION: Embracing Every Individual

An astounding 850 million people worldwide wander through life without any official form of identity.

Picture this: an entire population as large as Europes, with its residents unseen, unrecognised, and unacknowledged by the very societies they belong to.

ID Day, launched by ID4Africa in 2018, is not just another tick on the calendar. Its a clarion call. It raises awareness of the challenges these invisible millions face and underlines the urgency to bring them into the fold.

At Thales, while were deeply committed to addressing this issue, we understand its a collective effort, and were proud to be a contributing force.

Our goal? No one should be left behind, no matter where they come from or the challenges they face.

How? Our relentless pursuit of technological solutions and partnerships with governments worldwide ensures that everyone is included, acknowledged, and accepted.

Across the globe, Thales expertise plays a pivotal role in shaping trusted ID systems. With around 300 identity programs worldwide relying on our secured, sustainable, and user-centric solutions, numerous nations recognise and trust our capabilities.

#2. PROTECTION: Safeguarding the Beacon of Our Existence An identity isnt just a card or a number. Its who you are.

But what if that very essence is at risk? For most of us who have the privilege of recognised identities, do we ever pause to reflect on their safety?

Our identities need protection from theft and misuse.

International Identity Day is a stern reminder. Its a nudge, a gentle push to have an identity and ensure its fortified against breaches.

At Thales, we understand the importance of the signal. Our technological innovations are tailored to ensure that your most personal asset-your identity-is guarded with the utmost precision.

Be it through cutting-edge encryption technologies or state-of-the-art security features, were constantly reimagining ways to shield what defines you.

Security is in Thales DNA. Thales has been at the forefront of the secure Identity documents innovation, establishing robust partnerships with government forensic experts globally.

Our approach is collaborative: We regularly open our R&D labs to Government Forensic Experts for shared insights and discussions on ongoing innovations.

We deliberate on enhancing the authentication of identity documents, making ID fraud detection straightforward and efficient.

Our track record reflects our expertise, with milestones like introducing polycarbonate materials in identity documents and producing unique identification cards for various countries.

At Thales, we aim to provide each individual with a secure, trusted identity, ensuring safety and reliability in every document.

#3. UTILITY: Maximising the Power of Identity Having an identity without tapping into its full potential is like owning a key to a treasure chest but never unlocking it.

Are you leveraging the myriad of opportunities your identity offers? Can you navigate the world with ease, accessing essential services seamlessly?

Identity Day serves as an opportune moment for reflection and action.

Its asking us to question: How well is our identity serving us?

Identity schemes should be inclusive; there must be no barriers to access and use. Where citizens can prove their identity, populations are empowered. Lives are improved through better access to various services and social benefits, such as education and health. This can be done through a physical document, online verification services or a digital wallet.

With the rapid strides in digitisation, the scope of what ones identity can accomplish is expanding.

The Digital ID Wallet, a pioneering solution, seamlessly digitalises an individuals multiple identity credentials onto their smartphone. It offers unparalleled convenience and ease of access and is designed to complement physical ID cards.

The wallet acts as a companion to tangible proof of identity, ensuring that users have multiple avenues to validate and confirm their identity.

This wallet provides centralised and secure storage for these credentials and offers unparalleled ease of use for online and offline identity verifications.

Built with rigorous security measures, it ensures that users have full control over their data, deciding precisely when and with whom to share it. Its not just about having an identity; its about harnessing its full potential in the digital age.

At Thales, were not just keeping pace but leading the charge. From streamlining public services to simplifying daily transactions, were ensuring that your identity isnt just a badge but a key-unlocking doors to myriad of possibilities.

In conclusion, as we mark International Identity Day, its essential to understand its significance and recognise the relentless efforts, innovations, and commitments of organisations like Thales.

Through our contributions across the pillars of inclusion, protection, and utility, we aim to make the world not just technologically advanced but also inclusive, secure
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