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Fat Gecko Kaboom Gives You Five New Ways to Impre Your Friends with Your Action Camera Footage


Poway, CA. November 13, 2013 Delkins Fat Gecko Kaboom, announced today, promises to provide its users with hundreds of new and unique ways to record video from mesmerizing perspectives that were never before possible. The carbon fiber camera mount utilizes interchangeable sections that snap together to make up five different mounts in one, giving users the ability to create video footage that stands out from the standard POV helmet or handheld filming perspective thats commonly shared online.

The Fat Gecko Kaboom kit includes everything needed for its user to set up any of five different configurations, including a Self-Portrait hand held extension, a High Angle Boom, a Vehicle Mount, a Tripod Extender, and a Helmet Boom. Because the Fat Gecko Kaboom is carbon fiber and breaks down to just 15 inches in length, its size, weight, and strength make it ideal for the GoPro Hero crowd that doesnt want to be weighted down by lots of photographic equipment, but still wants the option to capture cinema-worthy footage of every adventure.

The most impressive of the five set ups has to be the Helmet Boom, says Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez. A regular helmet mount captures either whatever the user sees from a POV perspective, or a close-up shot of the users face with minimal room left for anything else. Because the Kaboom puts the camera twenty or so inches off of the users helmet, youre able to capture the entire body, the users surroundings, and any obstacles or equipment that is involved in the activity. It truly is mesmerizing and puts viewers right in the action of whatever is going on - its like nothing else out there.

While athletes may be enticed to use the Helmet Boom configuration most often, the handheld High Angle can get a camera into tight spots, dangerous places, or interesting perspectives for truly professional looking video. If you want an inexpensive alternative to the chase-helicopter thats used to shoot professional athletes, the High Angle is the way to go, shares Lopez. Rather than shoot from the sidelines, we were able to get a camera right above an athlete as he cleared a jump, and then follow the action as he landed. In another instance we were able to put a camera inside of the barrel of a wave and follow the surfer as she carved back and forth. You cant get that energy out of a regular shot from off of the board or a helmet.

The Kabooms third use as a Tripod Extender expands the versatility of any photographic tripod by giving its user an extra 60 inches of height. Since even the tallest tripods max out around 60 inches, the Kaboom is able to double that for situations where extra height makes for a better and more engaging story, such as event footage, time lapse, and landscapes.

The Vehicle Boom is the Kabooms fourth use, which places a camera up to 50 inches off of any vehicle to capture engaging footage of a car, boat, plane, ATV, or a driver as he navigates a track or rough terrain. Like the Helmet configuration, the Vehicle Boom gets the camera out and away from the subject to capture more of whats going on in the frame and bring the viewer into the scene. For the reality TV generation, the Vehicle Boom makes it easy to copy-cat the popular in car scene, or create a cinematic story with an interesting shot of a vehicles spinning wheel or the water hitting the side of a boat as it sails off into the sunset, says Lopez. Its a different and more engaging perspective than the standard shot that can be taken by mounting a camera directly onto a vehicle.

Finally, the Kaboom can be sized down to a more manageable 20 or 30 inches to act as a Self Portrait extender, alleviating the need to ask strangers for help or prop a camera on a nearby rock to snap an image of yourself. Everyone has been in an interesting or beautiful place and wanted to capture themselves in it without doing the awkward handheld thing, admits Lopez. The Self Portrait helps you do that without having to interrupt anyone to ask for help. The adjustable ball head helps to set the perfect camera angle and lock it into place to capture unlimited selfies, uninterrupted and un-rushed.

The Fat Gecko Kaboom breaks down to 15 inches and weighs under pound, making it easy to carry in a backpack or pocket. Its snap together design makes it simple to configure it in any length between 20 and 60 inches, while the properties of carbon fiber make it rugged and durable to resist abuse, including saltwater, impact, extreme temperatures and more. The complete kit is available at retailers worldwide for $129.99, and includes everything needed to use the Fat Gecko Kaboom in all five set ups*. The Fat Gecko Kaboom is rated for GoPro Hero Action Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras, Compact Cameras, and any other camera weighing under 2 pounds, and is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

About Delkin Devices, Inc.

Delkin Devices, founded in 1986, is a U.S. based manufacturer of quality imaging accessories for photographers, including CF and SD memory cards, Fat Gecko Camera Mounts, SensorScope DSLR Sensor Inspection & Cleaning Systems, Dual Universal Battery Chargers, Archival Gold CD-R, DVD-R & BD-R Media, Snug-It DSLR Camera Skins, Universal Memory Card Readers, and more. Delkin products are sold worldwide at specialty photography retailers, as well as on the web at For more information, please visit our website or call us at (800) 637-8087.

* Vehicle Mount requires two Fat Gecko Suction Cup Mounts, sold separately

Fat Gecko and Fat Gecko Kaboom are trademarks of Delkin Devices, Inc. All other trademarks & brand names are the property of their respective owners.

Contact: Anna Lopez, Marketing Manager


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