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Gomora' February Spoilers: Melusi and Thati cheat on their partners


Gomora' February Spoilers: Melusi and Thati cheat on their partnersMelusi will cheat on Gladys again with Thati Will Thati marry Phumlani when she discovers his secrets on their wedding day?

by Rae Seleme


in SA TV and Film

Gladys will leave Melusi and file for divorce and Thati will have doubts about Phumlani. . Image via Twitter @MzansiMagic

Gomora's Thati and Melusi will cheat on their partners (Gladys and Phumlani) and kiss on Tuesday, 1 February according to the TVSA February spoilers.


Audiences witnessed their first kiss back in July when Melusi left his wife and moved in with Thati.

Thathi & Melusi . Right where they belong, in each other s arms #GomoraMzansi #Gomora

Nolali (@Amza_5) July 5, 2021

D J VU: MELUSI REPEATS HISTORY Gladys and Phumlani will be heartbroken when their partners - Melusi and Thati cheat on them in Febuary.

Phumlani's family will visit Gomora next month to start lobola negotiations with Thati's family but the pair might not even make it to the altar.

The teasers suggest that Thati is going to uncover something sinister about her fiance and might have second thoughts about marrying him.

This will happen after she and Melusi (Zolisa Xaluva) rekindle their romance earlier in the month.

Gladys will also realise that her husband will always love Thati more than her and will share her thoughts about her marriage will she finally file for divorce.

We are going to see Melusi fighting for her and trying to change her mind about marrying Phumlani.

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Mel and Thati gonna make another baby #Gomora #GomoraMzansi

. (@OfentseTheOne) July 5, 2021

LEAVING PHUMLANI WILL BE TRICKY Thati hasn't realised that the man she is about to marry is behind the shooting of her doctor and attempted murder of Melusi.

Melusi already knows that there's something dodgy about him and will try to make Thati (Katlego Danke) see him for who he is.

Ending the relationship will not be easy for Thati because she was married to Phumlani's late brother (Bongeni) before she returned to Gomora.


Her daughter Buhle already sees Phumlani as her second father and going back to Melusi will not be easy either.

Melusi is married, he's broken her heart before and her whole family hates him.

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You can only imagine what Ntokozo is going through. His father cheats, while his mom murdered his half brother. He holds secrets of how he killed Thatis late hubby . This boy is just extra#GomoraMzanzi #gomoramzansi #gomora

Khotsia Mutshidzi (@Bothy_muvenda) September 9, 2021

GLADYS DESERVES BETTER Gladys (Thembi Seete) already suspects that her husband is up to his old ways and that his heart is still with Thati his soulmate.

The Tuesday 8 February teaser reads:

Gladys asks Melusi if he's still in love with Thathi.

She's been in a foul mood since she realised that Melusi doesn't want Phumlani (Buyile Dladla) to marry his mistress.

#TeamGladys wants her to divorce him and find a man who will love her as much as she loves Melusi

Will she go through with the divorce this time around or will she settle?

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Melusi misses his wife, he wants to be called papa and he wants his wife s oats for breakfast

Yanong o shout a Thati wa batho #GomoraMzansi #GomoraMzanzi

. (@afterglowxxxx) October 21, 2021

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So Nthati

From Gomora to Sandton and in Sandton she was haai futhi cut cut #GomoraMzanzi

Monyane Lodge (@Monyane__Lodge) November 23, 2021

So Thathi and her kids were struggling while Mbongeni had a brother? A brother who liked Thathi?


These writers tell lies all the time#GomoraMzansi Gomora #GomoraMzanzi

Jay (@RewindMzansi) November 23, 2021

#Gomora #gomoramzansi #GomoraMzanzi Phumulani is a dangerous man ,he sent someone to shoot Mazet s doctor

JabulaniMacdonald (@Jabu_Macdonald) December 13, 2021

#Gomora #GomoraMzanzi #GomoraMzansi Phumulani seems to want to kill every men who looks at Thati

JabulaniMacdonald (@Jabu_Macdonald) December 14, 2021

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