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Tell us how you use Mistika Technology in your post workflow for a chance to win one of five prizes worth more than 7,000


Published On: December 9th, 2021





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SGO's traditional December giveaway is back! After hearing so many exciting stories on how Mistika Technology is being used around the world, we decided to repeat the initiative, this time with even more cool prizes.

Creatives deploy Mistika Boutique, VR and Workflows on a daily basis to create high-quality media content and tell incredible stories. Therefore, SGO would like to encourage them once again to share their extraordinary projects with the global creative community for a chance to win Mistika VR, Boutique, Workflows or Boris FX licenses with a total prize value of more than 7,000.

To participate, simply tell us what you do. For example, how you stitch your immersive videos in Mistika VR, how you interactively play with Mistika Boutique's unique hexagon tool to achieve your project's immaculate look or how you smartly optimize your time and resources with automatic transcoding and delivery with Mistika Workflows. We would also love to hear how Boris FX's Mocha Pro, Sapphire, Silhouette or Continuum enhance your editing, VFX and motion graphic workflows. Go share for a chance to win one of the following:

1 x 1-Year license of Mistika Boutique Professional Immersive Edition ( 3,390)

1 x 1-Year license of Mistika VR Professional Edition ( 890)

1 x 1-Year license of Mistika Workflows ( 890)

1 x 1-year subscription to Boris FX Suite ($1295)

1 x 1-year subscription to Mocha Pro ($595 value)

SGO will randomly pick the five lucky winners from everyone who participates. Details as follows



How to Participate?

Make a Public Post on Facebook describing how you use Mistika VR, Mistika Boutique or Workflows in your projects.

Tag @SGO Mistika

Challenge one of your colleagues to do the same! (Optional)

Important: Before posting on Facebook, please read carefully the Terms and Conditions of this special promotion as participation implies total acceptance of the rules.

Here are some exciting experiences from Mistika users:



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Ram n Verdugo, IRALTA VRFor me, there is a before and after the launch of Mistika VR and its integration to our day-to-day VR and VPX workflows. It is extremely fast and powerful and it has allowed us to speed up post processes and elevate the quality of optical flow stitching. The compatibility with the IMU metadata facilitates the stabilization of the shots literally in seconds and the optical flow, edge points and color management features offer a total control of the image that we need in order to deliver the best possible results. Another important thing that we highly appreciate is the constant and continued evolution and development of Mistika VR paired with SGO's instant reply to the new VR cameras and rigs on the market.

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Panicos Petrides, Fullmoon ProductionsFlexibility might be the main reason that made me switch to Mistika Boutique as my main color and finishing system. Our work are mainly short and long feature movies, commercials, music video clips, and episodic. Mistika Boutique offers a unique Timespace, an infinite canvas and on the last episodic project was a true life-saver. It allowed us to perform multiple last-minute changes, re-conforming the new AAF, VFX conform and copy and match paste the tweaks across the new edit without any problems. Delivering a project from the infinite Timespace also makes your life easier, allowing you to create multiple deliverables with color space conversions from the same environment. Also, the color tools are exceptional! Superwhite control and Soft Clip are great to recover highlight details, Fixed Vectors are one of my favorite tools for fine-tuning the look and small changes in Luma and qualifier's quick selection presets of certain colors and skin tones are simply a joy to work with. In addition, controlling Mistika with the Precision Panels is like playing piano in an orchestra of colors. Last but not least, the SGO Support Team is always there to help out and share the know-how! I'm really happy to join the Mistika way !

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Ilia Ivanov, Freelance ColoristIn the past year, Mistika Boutique has become my main color grading system and it is great for working on TV shows and films, as well as for smaller projects, such as music videos or commercials. What I like the most about it is the softness and accuracy of the color correction tools Primaries, Fixed vectors and Qualifier have their own unique functionalities that help me with my everyday work, but the main discovery for me were the BANDS. They can be easily adjusted to any tonal range, gaining full control over the image, and the midtone contrast is like a magic wand for me. For me, Mistika Boutique shows its full potential when I am responsible for the final mastering of the project, offering me the ability to work with graphics, titles, and easily pasting the last-minute changes to different versions.



Tell us how you use Mistika Campaign


1. All entries must be submitted through Public Post on Facebook by tagging @SGOMistika

2. The deadline to participate in the prize draw is 10 January 2022. Entries received after this date will not be included.

3. Winners will be chosen randomly independently of the number of likes or shares of their posts.

4. Facebook will be the only official social media platf
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