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Training Essentials: Truck Driving Simulator for Truck Drivers


Before your trainees become truck drivers, there's a lot they need to know and do to make sure they're prepared to drive safely on the road.

One of the most important first steps is learning the art of defensive driving. This involves more than basic skills. Drivers must learn advanced driving techniques to navigate potentially deadly scenarios like poor weather conditions and avoiding debris in the road.

With a comprehensive driver training curriculum and truck driving simulator, trainees learn how to drive defensively and so much more. Then they're on their way to becoming an expert truck driver.

Begin Training All truck drivers need a CDL or commercial driver's license. This is different from a normal driver's license because it permits drivers to operate large, heavy vehicles such as semi-trucks.

To get this license, trainees have to pass the three-part CDL exam. This requires a significant amount of study and practice. The best way for them to prepare is to enroll in a truck driver training course.

With L3Harris' driving course, your drivers will learn essential truck driving skills such as:

Managing fuel

Changing lanes

Backing up

Fatigue management

Avoiding distracted driving

Defensive driving

Preventing rollovers

Driving in winter, foggy, or nighttime conditions

S.M.A.R.T. techniques: Scan the situation; Measure risk; Anticipate action; Reach a decision; Trust your decision

Gain Confidence in a Simulator

Taking to the road in a large truck the first time can be terrifying. Luckily, before your drivers get behind the wheel of a real truck, they can practice with a truck driving simulator. Some benefits to using a simulator include:

Studying under experienced teachers

Building knowledge and experience in a risk-free environment

Learning real-world scenarios, including driving on different terrains and in different conditions

Gaining hands-on experience

Developing confidence behind the wheel

Attaining a sense of fuel-management awareness, so drivers can be more efficient for their employer

Minimizing the chance of getting into an accident

L3Harris has top-notch truck driving simulators that give trainees a feel for driving without risk of injury to themselves or others. These best-in-class features include:

Wide variety of vehicle types

Ability to recreate common driving scenarios

Simple touch screen control to easily change scenarios and settings depending on the driver's experience

Access to countless types of road, weather, terrain, and conditions to fully train each driver

Instructor control of the simulator when needed

Accurate collection of scores and performance data

Job Tips For Success Here are some driving safety tips for employees to help them perform at their best:

Perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections

Be aware of the trailer at all times

Maintain at least four seconds of following distance

Yield right of way whenever possible

Avoid changing lanes too often

Look right and left after lights turn green and before entering the intersection

Try not to back up; look for other options instead

Adjust the speed depending on conditions, traffic, and weather

Drive defensively to prevent dangerous situations

Put away phones and other distractions-never text and drive

Get plenty of sleep each night and stay alert

Take breaks to avoid fatigue

Make it a priority to have no accidents each year

Ready to Go Armed with a little knowledge and our driving safety tips for employees, new drivers will be off to a great start. Devote some time to thorough preparation and provide expert training so they'll have a successful and safe truck driving career.

Request more information about the L3Harris simulator, like:

Buyer's guide

In-depth product hardware and software features

Pricing information

Fleet program assessment

Online courseware

And more

You'll find truck driving simulation to be an invaluable tool in your employees' careers.
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