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South America Stories


During Natpe, Globo participates in panel on trends and innovations in the Latin American TV market

Raphael Corr a Netto, Globo's Executive Director of International Business, ...


Globo licenses Total Dreamer to Africa

After winning over audiences in Brazil and Portugal, and soon to debut in the Middle East, the telenovela will be distributed to French-speaking countries One ...


Globo launches two movies that will enhance its diversified portfolio even more

The Moving Forest' and Alone Man' have lots of drama, comedy, and romance Committed to innovation and diversification of its content, Globo offers its...


Groundbreaking titles and the first original production for the international market featured in Globos 2017 Catalog

During the 2017 Natpe, held in Miami, the company featured telenovelas and serie...


Globos telenovela Rising Sun (working title) shows how passion emerges even in the most unlikely place

The plot references the Italian and Japanese immigration, and features the charm...


Listing DISCOP Dubai 2017

Globo Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 / 7 andar Vila Cordeiro 04583-115 S o Paulo, Brazil Tel: + 55 11 5112- 4559 Fax: + 55 115112-4018


Globos highlight for NATPE Total Dreamer is chosen by the MBC group of Dubai

The romantic comedy about a humble young woman who becomes a top model also won over Portugal During NATPE, which will take place in Miami, from January 17th t...


Globo features fresh releases on the Natpe 2017 licensing catalog and management news

On January 17, Globo will arrive at Natpe with a portfolio filled with Brazilian...


Globo announces Time After Time for the NATPE 2017

With a classic love story and a plot twist, the telenovela delights and innovates with its narrative divided into two time periods Globo discloses another prod...


Globo launches telenovela Wounded Past in Miami

Aired on Globo's prime time in Brazil, the plot develops from a strong young love, surrounded by intrigue and power struggles A couple in love, but separat...


Globo presents Lady Revolution a historical telenovela filled with action and romance

The historical piece with timeless content will be launched in Miami during NATP...


Globo features the fun romantic comedy Burning Hearts in Miami

Globo will introduce the telenovela Burning Hearts' firsthand to the international market at NATPE 2017, in Miami, on January 17-19. In this romantic comed...


Globo launches series Above Justice and Nothing Remains the Same at NATPE 2017

The international catalog also includes psychological thriller Supermax,' directed by Argentine filmmaker Daniel Burman Globo's preparations for NATPE...


Listing NATPE 2017

Globo Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 / 7 andar Vila Cordeiro 04583-115 S o Paulo, Brazil Tel: + 55 11 5112- 4559 Fax: + 55 115112-4018


Listing ATF 2016

Globo Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 / 7 andar Vila Cordeiro 04583-115 S o Paulo, Brazil Tel: + 55 11 5112- 4559 Fax: + 55 115112-4018


Hidden Truths wins the International Emmy for Best Telenovela

This Monday evening, November 21st, was a night of celebration for the crew of the telenovela Hidden Truths. The production received the Telenovela award at th...


Globo holds exclusive pre-launch for miniseries Justiça at the MIP Cancun

Featuring independent but interconnected stories about people in extreme situations, the unique narrative broke the traditional TV programming mold Today, duri...


Listing MIPCancun 2016

Globo Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 / 7 andar Vila Cordeiro 04583-115 S o Paulo, Brazil Tel: + 55 11 5112- 4559 Fax: + 55 115112-4018


Telemundo back for more of Globos blockbusters

Network recently licensed Ambitious Women , Forever and Ever and the 2016 International Emmy nominee, Rules of the Game One of Globo s most important part...


Malhação Sonhos running for Emmy KIDS for the second time

Malha o Sonhos' is running for the Emmy KIDS award for the second time in a row. This time around, the teen drama was nominated in the 2016 edition in the ...


Globos telenovela nominated to the 2016 International Emmy premieres in Uruguay

Full of secrets and betrayals, Hidden Truths' has already been licensed to 17 countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and is one of the highlights of...


Globo nominated for the 2016 International Emmy Awards in five categories

In addition to telenovelas, shows and series, Globo's cast members were also nominated for the Best Actress and Best Actor awards Once again, the producti...


RioFilme and Rio Film Commission attend 1st Brazil-Canada Audiovisual Seminar

September 12, 2016, Toronto and Rio de Janeiro. The Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce promoted its 1st Brazil-Canada Audiovisual Seminar, aimed at promoting opp...


On visit to Miami, RioFilme presents the International Partnership Platform Project

Miami and Rio de Janeiro, September 19th, 2016. In the context of the 20th Braz...


Listing MIPCOM 2016

Globo Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 / 7 andar Vila Cordeiro 04583-115 S o Paulo, Brazil Tel: + 55 11 5112- 4559 Fax: + 55 115112-4018 Executives Att...


New partnership between Globo and TV Vodafone

Agreement features the Brazilian pay TV channel in the carrier's basic TV package in Portugal Globo and TV Vodafone recently partnered up in Portugal. Star...


Great love stories that thrilled Brazil to enchant Croatia and Chile

Parts of Me' is on air in Chile and the worldwide success The Life We Lead' will debut in Europe soon With a sensitive and engaging style, the author ...


Armenian TV channels bet on telenovelas from Globo

Hidden Truths', Rules of the Game', Boogie Oogie' and Parts of Me' have just been licensed by two of the main TV channels in Armenia. Full of...


Panama bets on classic love story to captivate audience

Featuring a modern-day plot and charismatic characters, Boogie Oogie' brings back the glitter and glamour of the Rio de Janeiro 1970s disco era One of Glo...


Rio Film Commission Coordinator participates in Miami Media and Film Market

Rio de Janeiro, June 9th, 2016. Rio Film Commission was invited to Miami Media and Film Market, held in Miami (USA) from June 6th to 9th June. The agenda of the...


One of the highlights of Globos 2016 catalog reaches Mozambique

Featuring a star-studded cast, Ambitious Women' has already been licensed to air in Portugal and Uruguay, and is now scheduled to premiere in the free-to-a...


Big hits from Globos catalog will be broadcast in South Korea

Parts of Me' and Boogie Oogie' should air sometime this year for South Korean audience Globo has just licensed two more of its hits for South Korean m...


With an innovative programming strategy, Total Dreamer reached 39 million viewers in Brazil

Globo's modern fairy tale includes an online spin-off to broaden the audienc...


A hit with the audience in Brazil and in Portugal, the telenovela Totalmente Demais wins first-ever action at Globo

On air in Brazil on Globo's Access Prime Time since last November, the telen...


Globo will have its Brazilian series adapted by The CW for the 2016/2017 fall schedule

American Network The CW has just selected the adaptation of Globo's series ...


Globos miniseries Happily Ever After? arrives in Portugal for the first time

Fans in Portugal can get ready to watch one more Globo's hit show. After premiering The Hunter' and Merciless,' now it is time for Globo (basic) c...


Globo announces new partners to co-produce Supermax

Globo's first original production for the international market Supermax' recently reeled in another major partner in the Ibero-American audiovisual ind...


Globos highlights for the LA Screenings debut in Costa Rica

From April 25th, the audience in Costa Rica are being able to closely watch one of the more successful telenovela by Globo. With the charm of disco music Boogi...


Globo lands new deal in Peru

Globo channel's Peruvian audiences now have a brand new international network carrier in the country. Cable Peru will now air the very best of Brazilian TV ...


Globos series The Hunter premiers in Uruguay and sways viewers

Another Globo blockbuster premiered in Uruguay last Tuesday (12th). Following grand-slam hits such as Brazil Avenue' and Irrational Heart', Globo'...


Listing LA Screenings 2016

Globo Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade, 160 / 7 andar Vila Cordeiro 04583-115 S o Paulo, Brazil Tel: + 55 11 5112- 4559 Fax: + 55 115112-4018


Argentine TV announces partnership for the production and exhibition of Supermax in the country

TVP will provide filming support in Argentina for Globo's first original pro...


Globo licenses International Emmy-winning dramas to Indonesia and Vietnam

Telenovelas Empire' (2015) and Precious Pearl' (2014) are sure to captivate the Asian audience Globo will soon premiere two more of its International...


Globos telenovela Boogie Oogie set to arrive in Canada

The irreverent telenovela Boogie Oogie has just been licensed to Canadian broadcast network Omni. The production, which is one of the dramas that Globo will b...


Globo launches original miniseries that mixes fiction and reality at MIPTV

Globo will launch miniseries Alem o Both Sides of the Operation' in Cannes, during the 2016 MIPTV. The plot was inspired by the police raid that took pla...


Globo launches miniseries Dangerous Liaisons based on the French classic, in Cannes

During MIPTV, Globo will launch another fascinating super production that will g...


One of Globos highlights at the 2016 MIPTV, Forever and Ever premieres in the Dominican Republic

A love story that transcends the barrier of reason. That s the theme with which ...


Last episode of Globos superproduction Rules of the Game is a hit in Brazil

By the same author of Brazil Avenue,' thriller set in Rio de Janeiro is featured in Cannes The final episode of Rules of the Game' aired on Friday, M...


Ambitious Women comes to Uruguay and promises strong emotions

Teledoce s audience will follow the thought-provoking, visceral plot starring Gl ria Pires, Adriana Esteves, and Camila Pitanga From April 25, Uruguayan audie...


Telenovela Boogie Oogie, from Globos new catalogue, premieres in Chile

Plot full of love and intrigue is set in the disco era' Telenovela Boogie Oogie,' one of Globo's highlights the 2016 MIPTV, premiered this week ...